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Mental health is important at every stage in life. A child’s mental health can affect their mood and behavior and the way they think and feel about themselves. The need for comprehensive, intensive mental health services coordinated with high quality services from education, health, Medicaid, foster care, juvenile justice and vocational rehabilitation agencies places upon our communities a critical responsibility to claim these children, youth and families as our own.

A variety of services and supports are available for children and youth. Families who need mental help services or support for their children can select a county closest to them for more information and services that are provided for that area.


Case Management
Serving CampDeltaEllisFranklinHopkinsHuntKaufmanLamarMorrisNavarroRockwall, and Titus Counties.

Primarily site-based services that assist child or adolescent and/or caregiver in gaining and coordinating access to necessary care and services appropriate to the individual's needs. Our staff will meet with individuals to provide monitoring of progress towards recovery goals and linkage to community resources.

Serving CampDeltaEllis, FranklinHopkinsHuntKaufmanLamarMorrisNavarroRockwall, and Titus Counties.

Dedicated Counselors collaborate with individuals offering individual, couples, family, or group counseling to address trauma, depression, anxiety, and other behavioral health challenges. Our counselors work with the individual towards their identified goals to obtain their optimized wellness and recovery.

Family Partner
Serving CampDeltaFranklinHopkinsLamarMorris and Titus Counties.

Peer mentoring, education and support provided to the caregivers of a child in services by experienced parents or primary caregivers of a child/adolescent with a serious emotional disturbance. Family partners are active members of the intensive case management/wraparound team process providing peer mentoring and support to the primary caregivers; introducing the family to the treatment process; modeling self-advocacy skills; providing information, referral and non-clinical skills training; assisting in the identification of natural/non-traditional and community support systems; and documenting the provision of all family partner services, including both face-to-face and non-face-to-face activities.

Medication Training and Support
Serving CampDeltaEllisFranklinHopkinsHuntKaufmanLamarMorrisNavarroRockwall, and Titus Counties.

Our team manages medication coordination and distribution for the individual. We will coordinate medication fill and refill requests through external pharmacies. Education is also provided to the individual and family on mental health disorder(s) and medications; provides monitoring of symptoms and side effects.

Mobile Crisis Outreach Team (MCOT)
Serving CampDeltaFranklinHopkins,  LamarMorris and Titus Counties.

Our well-trained staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide mobile crisis services and to prevent admission of an individual to a more restrictive environment. MCOT provides a combination of crisis services including emergency care, urgent care, and crisis follow-up and relapse prevention to any child, adolescent, or adult in the community.

MCOT is a state mandated program designed to go out into the community to aid individuals in mental health crisis. We meet people where they are--in their homes, on the streets, in the hospital, or in the shelters. We build a relationship with the person in crisis in order to bridge the gap into treatment. We strive to meet the physical needs of people so that they are then more inclined to trust us with their deeper needs.

MCOT serves a number of functions:

      • It serves as a step-down program from psychiatric hospitalization. We aid in reintegrating and working with individuals who no longer meet the criteria for hospitalization but still need intensive support.
      • We link individuals who do not qualify for mental health services but are in situational crisis with other community providers.
      • We are available to the community for crisis assessments when individuals will not leave their homes to come to mental health facility.
      • We are able to aid in admitting qualified individuals into mental health services or into the hospital.

Our overarching goal is to engage clients in treatment with a mental health facility or other community providers in order to reduce hospitalizations and inappropriate jail bookings. MCOT services may include crisis assessments in the community, crisis housing support, medication monitoring, needs assessment, and relapse prevention.

Pharmacological Management
Serving CampDeltaEllisFranklinHopkinsHuntKaufmanLamarMorrisNavarroRockwall, and Titus Counties.

This service is provided to a child/adolescent by a physician or other prescribing professional to determine symptom remission and the medication regiment needed. It also deals with the management of psychoactive drugs to treat the signs and symptoms of mental illness to promote safe and effective use of medications and to assist individuals in reaching their desired wellness and recovery goals.

Psychiatric Diagnostic Interview
Serving CampDeltaEllisFranklinHopkinsHuntKaufmanLamarMorrisNavarroRockwall, and Titus Counties.

A face-to-face interview by a licensed professional practicing within the scope of their license with the child/adolescent and family to evaluate the child/adolescent’s psychiatric diagnosis and treatment needs provided.

Skills Training
Serving CampDeltaEllisFranklinHopkinsHuntKaufmanLamarMorrisNavarroRockwall, and Titus Counties.

Training provided to a child/adolescent and the primary caregiver or Legally Authorized Representative (LAR) that addresses the serious emotional disturbance and symptom-related problems that interfere with the child/adolescent’s functioning, provides opportunities for the child/adolescent to acquire and improve skills needed to function as appropriately and independently as possible in the community, and facilitates the child/adolescent’s community integration and increases his or her community tenure. This service includes treatment planning to facilitate resiliency.

Wraparound Services
Serving CampDeltaEllisFranklinHopkinsHuntKaufmanLamarMorrisNavarroRockwall and Titus Counties.

Wraparound services provide a holistic approach to individuals, including continued support services after return to their primary residence. The team provides in-home consultation, specialty psychiatric services/ telemedicine, skills training, family education, treatment planning, and monitoring.

Youth Empowerment Services (Y.E.S.) Waiver
Serving CampDeltaEllisFranklinHopkinsLamarMorris and Titus Counties.

Parents caring for a child with a serious emotional disturbance (SED) may feel they have reached or exceeded their financial, emotional, or health care resources, and are unable to fully meet their child’s mental health care needs. They need help.

The Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) and the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) developed the Youth Empowerment Services (YES) Waiver, which provides comprehensive home and community-based mental health services to youth between the ages of 3 and 18, up to a youth's 19th birthday, who have a serious emotional disturbance.

The YES Waiver not only provides flexible supports and specialized services to children and youth at risk of institutionalization and/or out-of-home placement due to their serious emotional disturbance, but also strives to provide hope to families by offering services aimed at keeping children and youth in their homes and communities.