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How to Get Started - IDD



A determination of eligibility is an assessment (or endorsement of an assessment) to determine if a person has an intellectual disability or is a member of the DADS priority population for IDD.

The assessment uses standardized tests to determine a person’s IQ and adaptive behavior level (ability to perform life skills) and is conducted by a qualified professional.

An assessment typically includes an interview with the person, the person’s legally authorized representative (LAR), or if the person doesn’t have an LAR, others who are actively involved with the person.

If you would like to speak with someone who can assist you with starting the eligibility process please contact one of our Intake Coordinators listed below:


Lisa Arnold
903-784-1979 x 2420
635 Clarksville Street
Paris, TX
Camp, Delta, Franklin, Lamar, Morris  and Titus counties                               

Patty VanHecker
469-214-8050 x 4102
115 E. Moore Avenue
Terrell, Texas  75160

Kaufman and Rockwall counties

Crystal Richardson
903-872-2491 x 1804
800 North Main, Suite N 
Corsicana, Texas 
Ellis and Navarro counties

Glenna Spencer 
903-243-9088 x 2302
151 East Industrial Drive, Suite #500 
Sulphur Springs, Texas 
Hopkins and Hunt counties


    • The Intake Specialist will provide you with the basic information you need to get started in the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services system. They will also answer your questions about services. They can assist you with navigating the waiting lists for Texas Medicaid waiver services, placing you on a waiting list or directing you to the appropriate agency for additional information.


    • If you or your family member appears to be eligible for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services, the Intake Specialist will request information and documents required for eligibility determination. These documents may often be submitted through the mail or fax; in some cases, a meeting with our psychologist may be needed to complete the eligibility process.


    • After reviewing this information, eligible individuals will be scheduled for an Intake appointment either at your home or in our offices.


    • Please remember that there are waiting lists for many services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Texas. It is important that you contact us as early as possible so that we can begin the process.


Community First Choice Program


If you would like to speak to someone about this program, our CFC Intake Coordinator is:

Chrystal S Baker
469-214-8050  x 4103
115 E. Moore Avenue
Terrell, Texas 75160
Camp, Delta, Ellis, Franklin, Hopkins, Hunt, Kaufman, Lamar, Morris, Navarro, Rockwall and Titus counties


What is it?

Community First Choice (CFC) is a new program put in place by the Health and Human Services Commission to serve as a cost-effective option for attendant and habilitation services for people with disabilities who have Medicaid coverage and also have significant needs.


What does it provide?

CFC Habilitation  

Habilitation training, which is interacting face-to-face with an individual to provide training with activities such as:

- Community integration, including how to get around in the community
- Use of natural supports / community services
- Socialization
- Leisure activity participation
- Personal decision making
- Mobility
- Household tasks
- Personal hygiene
- Money management
- Use of adaptive equipment
- Self-administration of medication
- Reducting of challenging behaviors

CFC Personal Assistance Services

Assistance with activities of daily living through hands-on assistance, supervision or cueing, including:

- Non-skilled assistance of daily living
- Household chores
- Accompanying and assisting an individual in the community
- Delegated nursing
- Health maintenance activities
- Extension of therapy

CFC Emergency Response Services

Electronic devices to ensure continuity of services and support of individuals who live alone, who are alone for significant parts of the day, or have no regular caregiver for extended periods of time, and who would otherwise require extensive routine supervision.


For more information:  
Visit the Texas HHSC web link for CFC - http://www.hhsc.state.tx.us/medicaid/managed-care/community-first-choice/