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The Lakes Regional Community Center Substance Use program is designed to help adults and teens, by providing counseling to assess a variety of problems associated with chemical dependency. It serves them in need of substance use treatment. Services include intensive outpatient and supportive outpatient.   Our teen Substance Use program is offered in Corsicana only.

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance use disorder, there is help available. Our outpatient substance use treatment program assists individuals with understanding the reasons why they turn to drugs or alcohol and teaches coping skills so that you or your family member are less likely to try to deal with emotions by drinking or using other substances.

Many times, chemical dependency is a symptom of deeper underlying issues masked by substances in order to deal with a mental health disorder. Our integrated approach combines Lakes Regional Community Center outstanding behavioral health team with our team of chemical dependency specialist to provide individualized services which are designed to create healing and recovery with the least disruption to family, school or work schedules by offering day and evening group sessions.

Our group sessions allow individuals to enter the treatment cycle at any point in the 6 week cycle. Progress toward goal attainment is evaluated throughout the program to determine transition to the next level of care.


Group Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Counseling
Serving Cooke, Delta, FanninGraysonHuntKaufmanHopkins, Lamar, Navarro and Titus Counties.

Group SUD Services is two (2) two hour groups per week for the duration of the treatment episode. The program provides an opportunity to process thoughts and feelings, develop skills for managing life and long term recovery.

Individual Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Counseling
Serving Cooke, Delta, FanninGraysonHuntKaufman, Hopkins, Lamar, Navarro and Titus Counties.

Individual SUD Services is one (1) one hour session per week for the duration of the treatment episode. Individual counseling often focuses on reducing or stopping substance use, skill building, adherence to a recovery plan, and social, family, and professional/educational outcomes.

Intensive Out Patient (IOP) Counseling
Serving Cooke, Delta, FanninGraysonHopkins, Lamar and Titus Counties.

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is designed to meet the needs of individuals who suffer from a substance use disorder and need more than weekly counseling, but don't need residential care. The program provides monitoring several times a week in a supportive group setting. Our Intensive Out Patient (IOP) Counseling includes individual and groups for 10 hours a week for 18 sessions.

This level of care is appropriate for those who have mild to moderate co-occurring mental health symptoms requiring monitoring and stabilization, those who are experiencing high stress life circumstances that make it more difficult to cope with urges and cravings to use substances, and those who have not been able to stabilize their substance use in a traditional outpatient setting.

The preference for IOP is to get a Value Options authorization at intake but can be a private pay individual.

Screening and Drug Evaluations
Serving Cooke, Delta, FanninGraysonHuntKaufmanHopkins, Lamar, Navarro and Titus Counties.

Our dedicated licensed staff provides assessments and referrals to those who are actively seeking substance use services and/or support.

The Team conducts verbal screenings to gather information pertaining to severity of use and how use has impacted day to day functioning or mental health, in order to provide appropriate referrals to recovery resources and appropriate eligible services. Regardless of ability to pay,

Texas residents who are seeking substance abuse services and information may qualify for services based on need.

Supportive Out Patient (SOP) Counseling
Serving Cooke, Delta, FanninGraysonHopkins, Lamar and Titus Counties.

For individuals who do not need an intensive level of treatment or those who have successfully completed the Intensive Outpatient Program, consumers have the opportunity to graduate to our Supportive Outpatient Program.

This program offers counseling that includes individual and groups for 7 hours a week for 20 sessions. The program provides an opportunity to process thoughts and feelings, develop skills for managing life and long term recovery.

The preference for SOP is to receive this authorization from Value Options as a step down from IOP. Private pay is also accepted.


Specialized Criminal Justice Services

Drug Education Classes
Serving Cooke, Delta, FanninGraysonHopkinsHuntLamar and Titus Counties.

Lakes Regional maintains state certification to provide Driving While Intoxicated class (DWI) and Drug Offender Education Program (DOEP) classes on a bi-monthly rotation. Completes testing and gives all participants a certificate upon completion.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) Aftercare Treatment Program
Serving Cooke, Delta, FanninGraysonHunt, and Lamar Counties.

This Aftercare Treatment Program administers a range of therapeutic, outpatient, and resource programs. It oversees and coordinates these interrelated programs for the substance abuse treatment for offenders and makes use of case management and drug and alcohol testing to assist in supervising offenders.

This service provides individual and group counseling according to the TDCJ contract. It preforms intake and orientation to all referred TDCJ individuals. Individual will meet regularly for Treatment Meetings with probation and parole. A daily log and needed co-pay logs are also completed.