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Mental Health and Intellectual and Developmental Disability Services in Northeast Texas

Lakes Regional is a local non-profit community center specializing in the treatment of and service delivery to individuals with a mental health diagnosis or a developmental disability diagnosis. We work with individuals and families,  other community organizations, and providers to develop person-centered treatment plans.

Our specialized locations are equipped with the expertise to provide adequate care coordination, counseling, and psychiatric medication management to adults and children. We are proud to ensure access to the services and support that enrich the lives of those we serve. Our mission is to be the first choice of citizens seeking these vital services.

Get Help

If you or a family member are struggling with thoughts of suicide, depression, a mental health crisis or are dealing with the prospect of mental illness or intellectual and developmental disabilities, we understand that you may be searching for direction in choosing the best care possible. You want a provider with expertise in the field, someone you can trust and someone that you can partner with during your treatment. Lakes Regional Community Center is here to help.

Telephone Interpreter Service

For individuals with speech or hearing loss.

Relay Texas: 866-260-8000
TTY: 800-735-2989

Locations & Services

Lakes Regional Community Centers provide care that is sensitive to your needs; caring, courteous, and prompt service; and respect for you and your personal information.

In addition, we do not discriminate against individuals seeking services based on race, color, sex, national origin, disability, religion, age, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Services will never be denied due to an inability to pay and uninsured individuals will be eligible for a sliding fee discount based on family size and income.

Our Vision & Values

We are focused on serving our community based on a foundation of six core values.

Jobs at Lakes Regional

We are proud to provide an extensive Employee Benefit Program for full-time employees.

Who We Work With

We rely on the expertise and knowledge of quality mental health experts and veteran advocates.

Early Childhood Intervention
ICF Services

Ready to help us help those in need?

Our Mission is to ensure access to services and support that enriches the lives of the individuals and families we serve, and we will be the first choice of citizens for their mental health and intellectual and developmental disabilities services. Learn more about our history, administration and board of trustees.
Lakes Regional Community Center
  • Contact us and we will tell you the different ways we can help you.
  • Come to one of our clinics to learn more about our services and how we can help.
  • We have multiple easy-to-find locations, some with walk-in appointments.

You meet with a licensed professional to determine how we can help you. Wait times can vary.

You complete forms about yourself, including your health and finances.

You sign some documents to get care from us:

  1. Treatment Consent Agreement. This form tells us you want help from Lakes Regional Community Center.
  2. Notice of Privacy Practices. This tell you how your medical information may be used and shared.
  3. Financial Agreement Form. This states that the financial information you provided is correct. It also show you received a copy of the amount you will pay, and that you agree to pay for any service your insurance or other payer does not cover.

If we help you with intellectual and development disabilities, you take an IQ test. This helps us know if you qualify for services. 

If you qualify for help you will get:

  • A mental or physical healthcare provider, service coordinator, case manager, or therapist, depending on the services you receive.
  • A follow-up appointment to begin services.


 – A Photo ID

Please bring a photo ID, social security card, passport, and/or birth certificate.

 – Your legal guardian if you are:

  • 17 years or younger
  • An adult with a guardian (Please note: Guardians must bring legal paperwork that shows them as the guardian.)

 – Any medical history papers about your mental health, psychological or IQ testing

 – Proof of your address, such as a utility bill or Texas ID

 – Proof of insurance such as Medicaid, Medicare, and/or private insurance (if applicable)

  • We need this for your financial assessment.

 – Proof of income such as tax returns, recent pay stubs or social security award letter, and SNAP benefits award letter.

  • We need this for your financial assessment.

 – Lakes Regional Community Center requires a Verification of Assistance form if there is no income.

Lakes Regional Community Center takes many forms of payment. We offer a sliding fee scale, and accept Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance. We provide help even if you’re unable to pay. To qualify for help, you must fill out a financial form. You pay for services based on your ability to pay. Your insurance pays for services if you have insurance. You permit Lakes Regional Community Center to seek payment from your health insurance. This may include:
  • Medicare
  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
  • Texas Medicaid, including Managed Medicaid Programs – STAR, STAR Plus, STAR Kids
  • Private Health Insurance Plans

If your insurance has co-pays, you must pay your co-pay for each service.

We base your fees for services on what you are able to pay.

You can pay in person at your Lakes Regional Community Center clinic.
You can mail your payment when you get your bill for services.

Lakes Regional Community Center takes pride in giving expert services to our community. If you feel your rights are being violated, please click here to email our Rights Officer, Kristalyn Brewer at 972.388.2000, ext 1148.

We work with the following contractors for the provision of Mental Health Services.

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Lakes Regional Community Center

Mental Health Services

We work with the following contractors:

Mental Health TX

Information, resources and direction for Texas residents who may have mental health needs or want to support someone who does.​

IDDA Services

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Other Services

Texas Veterans Portal

Lakes Regional Community Center is proud to support Veterans. Visit the Texas Veterans Portal for services and benefits available.