Mental Health Services

At Lakes Regional Community Centers, we specialize in providing caring, confidential and qualified services. With each and every Lakes Regional Community Center contact, you will experience sensitivity to your needs; caring, courteous/prompt service; and respect for you and your personal information.

Our qualified professional psychiatrists, counselors and skilled medical team provide medication management, individual, couple, family and group therapy and coping skills to assist individuals of all ages in reaching their desired wellness goals. Individuals with Mental Illnesses may qualify to receive Case Management Services, Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Skills Training, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The goal of Mental Health services is to improve an individual’s ability to function and succeed in the community of their choice.

Mental Health Services

Adult Services

Addressing the mental health needs of adults is important to Lakes Regional and we would love to help. We are continuing to work towards a recovery-oriented system of care that focuses on a network of services and supports.

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Children Services

Families who need mental help services or support for their children can select a county closest to them for more information and services that are provided for that area.

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Substance Use

The Lakes Regional Community Center Substance Use program is designed to help adults and teens, by providing counseling to assess a variety of problems associated with chemical dependency.

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What to look for

A mental illness is a health condition that causes changes in a person’s thinking, mood or behavior. It is sometimes easy to forget that our brain, like all of our other organs, is vulnerable to disease. Mental illness is a health condition just like diabetes or asthma. Mental illnesses are more common than cancer and heart disease combined. One in five people will experience a mental illness during their lifetime, and one family in four has a member who is mentally ill and who will require some type of treatment. Good mental health is an essential component of good physical health. Anyone can have a mental health concern. It is a lot more common than most of us realize.

Below are some of the most common symptoms and warning signs you might feel or see in someone else:

Children may show problems in different ways, such as:

Lakes Regional can help.

If you, a family member or friend are experiencing these symptoms or others that concern you, we encourage you to seek help from a qualified Mental Health professional. There are solutions that work – no one needs to feel embarrassed that they might have an illness or substance use problem. We are a comprehensive outpatient Mental Health clinic staffed with trained and credentialed psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, licensed counselors, and social workers. Our goal is to provide the highest quality services in a respectful and caring environment focused on the needs of each client.

Next Steps

1. Individual will need to call or go to a facility closest to them to complete a brief screening process.

2. Individual will be scheduled for intake and a financial appointment if screen indicates need for a full assessment.

3. Individual will come in for the appointments. Financials typically take 30-45 minutes and the intake can take 3-4 hours.

4 Individuals should bring the following to financial appointment:

 – Proof of identity (Driver’s License, Social Security Card, Birth Certificate or other photo ID)
 – Proof of income (two most recent check stubs, Social Security Award letter, current tax return or verification of assistance)
Proof of residency (address on Driver’s License or current utility bill) and
 – Insurance cards

5. After we establish the individual qualified clinically, we will schedule them to see one of our prescribers. Individuals not eligible for Lakes Regional Community Center services are referred to a more appropriate provider.
Next Steps for These Counties: Camp, Ellis, Franklin, Hopkins, Lamar, Morris and Titus

1. Contact the Lakes Regional Community Center in your county of residence for “Open Access” hours.

2. Lakes Regional Community Center has Open Access hours available each day for individuals to walk in and request services.

3. Individuals should bring proof of income to initial appointment (two most recent check stubs, current tax return or letter of support).

4. Anyone that walks in will be assessed and evaluated for services.

5. At the end of the evaluation, individual will be informed if they are eligible for Lakes Regional Community Center services or will be referred to a more appropriate provider.

Lakes Regional Community Center

Mental Health Services

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Mental Health TX

Information, resources and direction for Texas residents who may have mental health needs or want to support someone who does.​

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